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GascoCare - Summary of Cover

Read through the following information about GascoCare to ensure you are choosing the right cover plan for your needs.
Examples of what's covered
  • All call outs to boiler faults (including water leaks on the boiler)
  • The annual boiler service
  • Recharging the boiler water pressure (on combi boilers)
Examples of what's not covered
  • Replacing parts within the boiler
  • Call outs to any faults with the general heating system
  • Replacing any component of the general heating system

Summary of Cover

What is the contract term?
The minimum contract term of cover for all GascoCare plans is twelve (12) months.

Does the cover plan automatically renew?
Yes, although we will write to you before your cover renewal to inform you of any changes made to your chosen plan.

What are my cancellation right?
If, after signing up to any of the GascoCare service plans you change your mind, you may cancel your agreement at any time within 14 days of the date of signing in writing.

When will I be covered?
Your cover will begin from the day your application is processed. We will write to you to confirm this.

How will I know when my boiler is due for a service?
You can leave this to us, we will arrange a service between April and September. We will write to you in the first instance to suggest a date.

Who will undertake the servicing and repair work?
We always use our own team of directly employed, fully qualified engineers. This ensures that you receive the highest possible standard.

Are there any exclusions?
Any pre-existing problems or accidental damage; primary heat exchanger within your boiler; pressurised unvented cylinders; Any works arising from hard water scale deposites or damage caused by aggressive water sludge resulting in corrosion; All types of showers; Faults or damages caused by adverse weather conditions (i.e. freezing of flooding, frozen condensation traps); Unblocking drains, soak-aways, outflow pipes, mains cold water taps, mains water pumps, water softeners and filters; Magnetic scale filters; All types of taps; Any breakdown where we have previously identified faults but you have failed to act in accordance with our advice to remedy these faults; Any attempts to repair your boiler or central heating system by a non-approved engineer (or any unnotified third party involvement); Repairs where we view the boiler as beyond economical repair and/or spare parts and unavailable; Commercial Properties.

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