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The 2025 Gas Boiler Ban...
The 2025 Gas Boiler Ban...

You may have read or heard in the news recently that gas boilers will be banned in the UK from 2025. With most of us relying on gas boilers to provide heating and hot water in our homes, you may be asking how this change will affect you.

So, if your home (like millions of others), already has a gas boiler installed, then there's no need to worry! (phew! I hear you say).

Let us explain a little more...

The 2025 gas boiler ban only applies to properties that were built (or going to be built) before 2025. This means, that only new build properties built after 2025 will need to have an alternative heating system (such as an air or ground source heat pump).

Basically, the 2025 gas boiler ban won't affect you if already have a gas boiler installed, and your property was built before 2025.

What's wrong with gas boilers?

With so much awareness now being placed on carbon emissions, the UK Government has now included gas boilers as part of its measures against reducing emissions. Older boilers especially produce carbon waste, which is why if your existing boiler is over 10 years old, now may be a good time to replace it (click here for details). As part of the Heat and Buildings Strategy - the task of phasing out boilers that are powered by natural gas will go a long way towards achieving a goal of net zero.

What will replace gas boilers?

As gas boilers aren't best for the environment, the Government, along with boiler manufacturers have been quietly working on newer, most environmentally friendly alternatives:

Heat pumps

Using air and electricity, heat pumps are based on the same technology found in your average fridge freezer. A pump absorbs heat from the outside and compresses it, so it achieves a high temperature. This heat is then transferred into your heating system.

There are some market reservations around heat pumps, particularly in the retro-fit scenario. The actual external units that will form part of the heat pump is quite bulky, and could pose problems for siting. It's fair to say, that they're not suitable for all homes.

Hydrogen boilers

The next best thing to a boiler powered by natural gas is a hydrogen boiler, which is very similar, and the UK government is planning to bring these in gradually. The first phase will be introducing a 20% hydrogen blend into the UK mains gas supply, which won’t be until 2028 at the earliest – and any boiler you buy now should be ready for that. All boilers now sold by Gasco today are hydrogen-blend ready, so you don’t need to worry about replacing it once the switch comes.

There are some differences due to the way hydrogen burns, but hydrogen boilers are similar to what we all know and love. Except much better for our environment! The good news is that they cost roughly the same as the equivalent gas boilers. So they have great potential, but actually the switch to hydrogen is still quite a long way off so it’s not an option today. For a quote on a new Hydrogen ready boiler - CLICK HERE


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